A lighthearted blog post today about all the things I never knew about bambinos before I had one – the good, the bad and the just plain gross!

1. Their fingers and toenails grow SO quickly and are impossible to cut

The only way our little guy will let me do it is when he’s chilling with me on our bed. Many a night I’ve woken up with baby toenails sticking into me. Pretty comfortable and not gross at all ;

"I'm gonna bite your head off Sophie" - A very chewy Harry Cooper

"I'm gonna bite your head off Sophie" - A very chewy Harry Cooper

2. Baby snot is really hard to manage

Pre-baby, I never really thought about baby snot. Why would you. But it really doesn’t come out easily. We have one of those squisher things to suck it out but it never works. Maybe we’re using it wrong? My husband actually resorted to putting his mouth over Harry’s nose and sucking the snot out. Yes, that’s right, sucking it up into his mouth. Uber gross, but super effective! I haven’t gone there…yet!

3. Snuffling, farting and whimpering is the norm

I never knew babies made that much noise in bed at night. Our newborn sounded like a baby rhinoceros, snorting and snuffling (not that I’ve ever heard one, clearly, but you get my drift). It meant we transferred him into his own room sooner than we planned (which was a bonus for a lot of reasons).

4. Feeding can take a long time

 Not only can breastfeeding be just plain difficult (well, it was for me), it took ages to begin with. Harry was learning, as was I, and in the early days I felt like all I did was feed him. Just call me the milk machine.

5. The sort of all-consuming love they make you feel

Enough said :)

6. The poo gets worse as they get older

To start, the baby poo was kinda yucky. We quickly got used to it. Now, with our little man starting solids, I would actually LOVE if his poos were still as benign and small as they were when he was a newborn. These days, they’re just plain chunky and offensive, and WAY too regular. Too much information right? Ok, no more poo chat.

7. They just get better

Every day, even when it’s been a ‘bad’ day, they still amaze you with their beautiful faces and what they learn – sometimes, literally something new each and every day. One smile from them and it’s all worth it, right?

8. That they can have very severe mood swings

Sometimes I think our baby is bipolar and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. From happy to sad in a split second. Doesn’t take much!

9. That they just know the BEST time to do an oozy poo

More poo chat, sorry. But don’t you love how you’ve just put them in their most expensive and trendiest outfit and then they decide that’s DEFINITELY the best time to do a stinky number two that leaks out and ruins their clothes for good? Also, even better if it’s done while you’re out and about, and always when there is no baby change facilities around. Bring on the emergency car boot baby change. Come on, you’ve all been there.

10. They shout and poke

I know they’re ‘just finding their voice’ but seriously, does it need to be so ear-piercingly loud ALL the time?! Or maybe that’s just our little man, haha. He’s also taken to pinching my face HARD, so much so that it makes my eyes water. And try explaining ‘gentle!’ to a 5 month old…