Our little guy Harry turns six months old today. To celebrate, we’re publishing the first in our new series – NUGGET MAIL.

When Harry was in the womb, we called him ‘Nugget’ – A) because he was once the size of one but mainly because B) I ate a LOT of chicken nuggets while pregnant and C) because my husband and I are fairly large humans, we thought the nickname was kinda ironic given he’s destined to be huge.

My husband set Harry up with his own email address, called ‘littlenugget’, when I was in the third trimester. He was going to keep it a secret but, like all secrets he tries to keep from me, he couldn’t help himself and blurted it out very excitedly one day.

In the madness of the last six months, we’d completely forgotten we had these emails! We won’t be sharing all of them – some are too personal and precious. However, I hope what we do share makes you laugh, smile or relate.

And if you’re pregnant, I highly recommend doing this for your little one. It’s been so great rediscovering these. This is the first email from my hubby to our little guy…

7 February 2014

Little man, 

This is the first email I have ever written to you. 

It's a Friday and it's been a busy week, especially for your mother. She's been flying a lot for work, and unfortunately she feels sick when she flies because (and don't feel bad) you are getting big and creating quite the little squeeze in there.

Now, your mum has no idea that I'll be writing these emails to you, and the plan is to read them together when you get here. She'll like that. She likes a surprise every now and again, and, unlike most, this doesn’t cost me three months’ salary!

We can't wait to meet you in 13 weeks, give or take a few days. If you’re like Dad, you'll be early so you have a bit of extra time on your hands. If you’re like your mum, you'll be late and somehow manage to make it my fault. I'm going to say you'll be born on 13th May. 

Anyway, let me get you up to speed on a few things that have happened so far:

You, our little man, are coming into a home filled with love and laughter (mainly due to my hilarious jokes and sharp wit :)).

One day not so long ago, your old lady and I sat down in the Qantas Lounge at Sydney Airport and discussed all the things that we had in our future, how lucky we were to have each other and how much we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Then you came up – the idea of a third amigo to join the gang. It wasn't a question of IF we would have you, it was WHEN. And we were blessed enough to be able to bring you into this world quickly.

As soon as we found out you would be making your way into the world we became safety-conscious, neurotic freaks. The littlest pain, bump or lack of movement and I’m the first one to Google that shit! You’ve got a placenta in front of you which cushions a lot of the movements. It’s means we’ve been to the doctor a LOT to check you’re ok. But, we all reckon you’re cooking in there quite nicely.

You'll be getting to know us pretty well in the next 100 or so years, and we couldn't love you more unconditionally. Not to put any pressure on you, but we think that you are going to be someone incredibly special and do amazing things. Potentially a rugby player – not League, we think Union instead because it’s the gentlemen’s game. If you’re good, you could be a Wallabies player. If you have your dad’s sporting prowess, it’s more likely you’ll play for the local pub team.

It’s been a big week for you. You’ve been doing lots of moving and kicking, good boy. But just FYI, you are grounded for a couple of weeks for playing hide and seek with us last week. It did mean though that we got to see your wee face and your massive feet.  You may even be a gymnast going off the scans. We took a peek inside and you had your legs up high and your feet on your forehead.... Nutcase.

Mummy is particularly busy at the minute and incredibly stressed by work, but don't worry – between you and I, we got this. Kicks from you this morning and some TLC from me tonight will start to relax her, and we will chat to you lots together over the weekend.

Ok, that's a big dump of information for you, I'll give you a couple of hours to digest it. Maybe we’ll give mummy the user name and password to this account on her birthday just before you arrive, so she has a few weeks to write to you as well.

A few Daddy tips before I go:

  1. Always say please and thank you to people. Manners are the most important thing a boy can learn, they will get you hot chicks (Daddy is a case study, your Mum is smoking hot) and more money.
  2. Never pay for the first round, you never get the drinks back.
  3. Do not stack pizza boxes in the oven to reheat. Especially when you turn the grill on accidentally. I learnt this the hard way last night. Apologies for the smoke and alarm.

Peace out my little homie. Love you more today than I did yesterday, and less than I will tomorrow.

Love, Big Daddy*

*Big D for short if you like, I'm sure this will get vetoed by mum though.

PS. Your Old Dear and I are getting married September 13 this year. We'd love you to say a few words, but no pressure if you’re nervous – just cry and you'll get out of it.

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