I’m a little OCD about mess. Ok, a LOT. I can’t handle when I’m trying to do 10 things at once, as all of us mums do, and a product makes my life harder. Yes, I know I’m going to have to get used to mess (and quick!), but figure while Harry is still relatively little I figure I can (try to) live in denial. And, anything that can reduce mess is a winner in my book.

A pet hate of mine are those freezer trays for baby food that promise food is “easy to pop out”, but in actual fact you spend upwards of 15 minutes trying to get one portion out without defrosting the whole tray, resorting to knives or hefty banging, only for the tray to crack and you loose the whole batch on the floor. Because yes, when I’ve painstakingly spent time making my baby’s food from scratch, I really want to do it all over again :-/

So, I ditched freezing food in trays and instead have been using individual plastic pots – which for some reason end up getting lost, cracked or scattered around in my freezer, making it hard to keep a track of when their contents were cooked. And that’s definitely not ideal in the long run.

Cute colours, great packaging

Cute colours, great packaging

I won’t name which brand the offending tray was. The point is I’ve found a great alternative – the MAMAMA baby food freezer tray.

Easy to pop the frozen food out

Easy to pop the frozen food out

Made with BPA free silicone, these trays are flexible enough to mean you can pop out just one or two portions if required. And I’ve tried it, they really do allow for this. They don’t crack, there’s no banging required and their soft texture really makes the whole process pretty seamless.

These are microwave safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe and FDA approved, and can also be used for finger food, frozen ice-blocks, paint, ice cubes and as a tray for baking muffins and desserts. Bonus!

I also love that they come in cute, non-offensive colours, with stickers included so you can label what’s inside and what date you cooked it, and with a flexible lid to protect from germs and allow for stacking in the freezer. Super handy and super easy.

MAMAMA also do a silicone baby bib. Last time I tried a bib like this, with a scoop down the bottom to catch the food, Harry spent the whole time eating the bib rather than his food. And because the bib was fairly rigid plastic, any food that it had collected ended up all over the floor, Harry and I (see above comment re mess – ARGHHHH!).

Because the MAMAMA bib is super flexible, when Harry grabbed it during feeding this time the food it had collected stayed in (because it would twist rather than flip up). It’s light, easy to take with you when out and about and has adjustable sizing, which means it will last until your baby is three. Big thumbs up all round.

He's always feeding, so this is now an essential of ours

He's always feeding, so this is now an essential of ours

Minna, the founder of MAMAMA, is a mum from Sydney who has just recently started her business. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve always been a supporter of small, independent and local businesses – so please, check out her great products and support a fellow mummy :)


Insta: @mamamaonline

Note: I received one tray and bib from MAMAMA for this review.