By Fashion Contributor Caitlin (@themummystylefiles)

I guess it might be a bit sacrilegious for a fashion blogger to be advocating a rotation of just 10 items of clothing, BUT this one is for all my fellow Stay At Home Mums (SAHMs).

Let's be honest, some days we don’t venture out further than the mailboxes but other days we are running from play dates to grocery shopping to appointments and everywhere in between. Whether it’s the former or the latter, comfort, ease and style is key.

As much as I love Fashion, as a mum of two kids under two I’ve managed to workshop my Monday to Friday wardrobe down to an easy mix of staples that I can mix and match depending on the day. I’ve listed them below along with a few links to my current faves...


1.    Jeans

I’m in jeans 80% of the time. Ripped boyfriend style jeans are my favourite (and my husband's least favourite) as well as crisp white jeans for spring. You can pair your jeans with anything else in my list of essentials, except for number five, and you will have a great outfit in an instant. Shop Here, Here or Here (Pictured)


2.    Drop Crotch Harem Pants

I love, love, love these pants. They feel like you are wearing your trackies but thankfully look 100% less Bogan. Just make sure you don’t go too baggy with the fit otherwise you will look like your toddler when you haven’t changed their nappy for a few hours…Shop Here, Here, or Here (Pictured)


3.    Basic Tees

I always reach for my comfy tees in the morning when getting dressed. A relaxed fit with a longer hemline is key for me, as I hate feeling like I’m constantly fiddling with my top or pulling it down when I’m hanging out with the kids. If you have a few in your favourite neutral colours or stripe then you’ll be able to mix and match them with all your other wardrobe staples.

Although prints and slogans can be fun they are also memorable, which means people will notice if you were the same shirt five days in a row, so I'd advise to stick to basics. Obviously, my grey and silver sequin top in the picture above is an exception to this rule ;). Shop Here (Pictured), Here or Here


4.    A Denim or Leather Jacket

I love my leather jacket. The idea here is to have a nice casual jacket that you can throw over any outfit. The fit is really important because jackets can often be restricting if the fit is too small, or feel really bulky if it’s too big. This is a piece to invest some money on, as if it’s good quality the fabric will soften and mould to your body over time and will quickly become a much loved item in your wardrobe.

You can see in the pic above I am wearing a leather jacket over my gym clothes with a flannel tied around my waist for a bit of fun. These two items instantly changed my look from ‘just back from the gym’ to ‘sportsluxe’. Shop Here (Pictured), Here or Here


5.    Cute but practical sundress / maxi skirt

Because some days I just feel like putting on a dress and feeling a bit more girlie, especially with summer approaching. Kid-friendly is the key here so no short and tight options. A midi or maxi hemline is the way to go in either a skirt or dress. Long sleeved maxi dresses are everywhere at the moment, I just ordered this one…Shop Here (Pictured), Here or Here


6.    Chambray or Flannel Shirt

Chambray or Flannel shirts are awesome layering pieces. I have both but I wear them interchangeably. You can wear them with your jeans or harem pants, tucked in a maxi skirt or over a dress and tied at the waist. They are also great trans-seasonal pieces when the mornings are chilly but the days warmer. Shop Here, Here (Pictured) or Here


7.    Light Knit

A great chunky knit was one of winter’s biggest trends, and as we move into the warmer months I’m loving the thinner lightweight knits. I often throw one on with my jeans when I’m going out for a coffee or meeting another mum for a play date.  Make sure you get one that washes and dries really easily so that you don’t have to worry about special laundering. Shop Here, Here or Here (Pictured)


8.    Converse

Converse sneakers or a low-cut canvas shoe are pretty much my shoe of choice five out of seven days. They feel less athletic and more ‘fashion’ then traditional running shoes, but they are just as practical and allow for endless toddler chasing and multiple walks to the park every day. Try wearing them with your maxi skirt or dress and adding your go-to jacket for a cool street style. Shop Here (Pictured), Here or Here


9.    Slides

AKA fancier thongs. I recently got these from Target and I love the python print. Metallic or textured details are a fun touch and really help to dress up your maxi or jeans on days when you want to be a bit more ‘dressed’. There are so many great options in-stores and online and most at really affordable prices. I wouldn’t spend too much on these, as they will probably only last you one season and most likely be ruined at the park anyway. Shop Here, Here (Pictured) or Here

slides 2.jpg


10. Great Sunnies

These should have actually been my number one wardrobe essential, as much for the fashion as for the make up substitute/eye bag concealer! Reflective lens are happening in a big way so why not buy a cheaper pair and have some fun with the colours, I just ordered these guys. Shop Here, Here (Pictured) or Here

Happy shopping mamas xx