By MeOhMy Founder Siobhan (@meohmymum)

Last week we wrote about those long lists of ‘must-have’ hospital bag and nursery items that pregnant women generally get bombarded with. These lists can make your mind boggle and only add to the stress that a nervous mum to be is already feeling!

In my first pregnancy I remember being sent such a list, and it was TWO A4 pages long! It freaked me the hell out, and rushed I home to tell my husband about all the things we “HAD” to buy. These days, I know just how expensive and plain unnecessary many of these items are, at least in the early days!

But nonetheless, you do actually need to buy and pack SOME things. At 38 weeks pregnant, I’ve packed and repacked my hospital bag and rearranged the nursery just a few times so far (unlike my first pregnancy, when I probably did both more than 50 times!).

As it’s my second time around, I like to think I’ve worked out what actually necessary and what’s not. Instead of an itemised list of what I think you do and don’t need [which, if you’re interested, I’ve written about on The Motherish], here are my top ‘getting ready for baby’ must haves – for the final trimester, giving birth and the early newborn days:

My 'getting ready for baby' must-haves - for pregnancy, giving birth and the early days  

My 'getting ready for baby' must-haves - for pregnancy, giving birth and the early days


Sorella organics maternity pjs

Oh em gee, how I wish I had these my first time around! Sorella Organic items are made with beautiful soft fabric and expertly made to suit a big bump then a deflating one J They make nighties, pajamas, night shirts, camis, gowns and more.

I have the Nursing Cami (with easy access for feeding), the Rollover Pant, and the Sleepshirt, and they’re all simply beautiful. I love the fact that they’re not obviously pajamas – as they’re more like lounge wear you won’t feel frumpy walking around the hospital in them. Wearing these I feel thoroughly spoiled and comfortable. I’ll definitely be buying a few more items from the Sorella range, they’re that good!

The Storksak Elizabeth bag

The Storksak Elizabeth bag

Storksak nappy bag

I absolutely LOVE my Elizabeth Storksak bag. Having previously used the standard mid price nappy bag made by a certain popular mainstream brand that I won’t name (you know the one that most mums seem to buy, with the big buckles and pockets on the outside, many different compartments, starts with an M....) - which I found quite heavy and cumbersome - this one is heaven in comparison.

It’s smaller, slim, compact and easy to carry. I love the leather, and it’s stylish and easy to wipe clean. It doesn’t fall off your shoulders when you try to carry it along with a baby, and I love the fact it’s not obviously a nappy bag.

The irony here is that as my number of children has grown the size of my nappy bag has shrunk – go figure! I guess I’ve learned more about what I REALLY need to be carting around each day with me. Less is more, as they say.

PS We’re giving MeOhMy readers a chance to win one of these amazing bags - stay tuned over the next few weeks for more on this!

SRC Recovery shorts

These are stashed away in my underwear drawers ready for post-bub. I’ve heard amazing things about how great these are for recovering post partum bodies.

After giving birth the first time, I tried using a wrap around almost cummerbund-type garment that was particularly uncomfortable and ineffective.

I’m excited to try the SRC garment and feel supported, comfortable and (hopefully!) slimline a lot sooner!

Bonds maternity singlets - awesome for pregnancy and feeding.

Bonds maternity singlets - awesome for pregnancy and feeding.


When it comes to new baby, mama-to-be and new mama must-haves, you name it and Bonds most likely have exactly what you need.

For baby, Bonds Wondersuits are the BEST.THING.EVER. For easy nappy changes, zips are where it’s at. Don’t even bother with the button-up ones, they’re fiddly in the middle of the night and husbands/partners are incapable of buttons! They’ll literally live in them for the first few weeks, so you’ll need LOADS. Save the cute, fiddly outfits for when they’re a little bit older.

For mum, you can’t go past Bonds maternity bras and singlets for easy feeding.

Basik Organics

A good organic baby bum cream and bath wash or oil is essential. You know that very popular mainstream brand that everyone loves to give you at baby showers? Their products have, on numerous occasions, caused severe skin conditions in newborns. So, do your research and buy a natural brand.

I love BasiK Organics range of products. I have used their Belly Butter throughout my pregnancy and Baby Wash on Harry. I’ve packed a travel pack of their range, including Baby Hair and Body Wash, Cleansing Spray, Baby Oil and Bottom Balm, for hospital.


The necessities

A few necessities that spring to mind - breast pads, maternity pads, black undies (yes, they need to be black!), yoga or other loose-waisted pants, button down shirts, nipple cream, dry hair shampoo, a stockpile of homemade food in the freezer, and plenty of visitor-free time to bond!


Harry in his Love to Dream swaddle

Harry in his Love to Dream swaddle

Love to Dream swaddle

I never got the hang of wrapping Harry with a muslin or traditional wrap. I tried for all of two days before turning to our Love to Dream swaddle, and never looked back.

These are SO easy (once again, zips!) and great when trying to transition a sleeping baby from cot to car to pram. We still use the larger Love to Dream sleeping bags for Harry, and have bought a few more Love to Dream swaddles for ‘Peanut’.



Blossom and Glow T-shirt, This and That Boutique cardigan (not the Fate wrap mentioned)

Blossom and Glow T-shirt, This and That Boutique cardigan (not the Fate wrap mentioned)

Fate wrap cardigan from This and That Boutique

Anything button up/down and floaty will be all you’ll want to wear in the early post partum days. This wrap cardigan (pictured in the flat lay above) has plenty of fabric for covering up that deflating belly and for breastfeeding, and is so soft as well. They also have a great range of kimonos and capes instore that do the same job.

Blossom and Glow

The entire Blossom and Glow range is awesome for pregnancy, breastfeeding, post partum and beyond. I have three or four of their breastfeeding singlets which have been great during pregnancy because of how generous in length the are. They have a foldover bit at the top will be really handy for breastfeeding. Super comfy and well priced also.


My Baby Moments cards

Something I didn’t have the first time around was any sort of milestone cards. These are simple, lightweight and cute. I’ve packed our ‘I was born today’ card ready for the hospital!





Elki baby wrap

A baby carrier or wrap is essential, because sometimes the only way your baby will settle is close to your heart (particularly in the early days).

I love Elki Baby’s range of soft fabric wraps - they are super comfortable and gorgeous. I didn’t do much baby wearing when Harry was small, but this time around I’ll be chasing a crazy toddler so I imagine our little lady will be worn A LOT!