By Beauty Contributor Yadira Galarza Cauchi (@cleanbeautytalk)

It’s inevitable - we’re getting old. Grey hairs, wrinkles, crows feet...they’re all in the realm of all of our futures (whether we continue celebrating our 25th birthdays again and again or not!). 

And since nobody’s stumbled on that elusive foundation of youth yet, or science hasn’t figured out how to miraculously get rid of pregnancy insomnia (or force our babies to sleep longer hours), I feel it’s nice to have a few anti-ageing products on hand…which can kind of act like insurance.  

Plus, when you’ve been up all night, or are generally are having a sh!t day, taking some time out for yourself can make you feel better too.

So let’s drink our water, wear sunscreen and (try) to get eight hours sleep, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a sneaky beauty product or two either. Growing old is nothing to be scared of – although investing in a few anti-ageing products won’t hurt.  

And I’ve rounded up some of my current faves for you to stalk below! Enjoy X



Miracle Worker, Philosophy - $75.00

If you’re a fuss-free mama with not much time on your hands these wipes are amazing. You pour the retinoid elixir over the pads, let it soak through then after cleansing just wipe them over your face. You only have three months to use them though so you can’t forget! I noticed a brighter complexion in one week… ooooh and you can use them on the back of your hands too.






Rejuvenating Serum, Sodashi - $106.50
This is a natural intensive repair serum that will suit all skin tones. It’s super hydrating so I would definitely recommend to ladies who are after a nourishing night treatment gentle enough for use every day. You’ll wake up with smoother looking skin every AM.  




Anti-Ageing Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter, La Prairie - $190.00

This is a super lush product I think is worth investing in when sleepless nights have become the norm. One swipe under your eyes or over your lips helps injects so much moisture I find it kind of helps me feel like I’ve slept. It’s also meant to swell with water in the skin to fill wrinkles, which is basically why I use it multiple times a day. It’s small enough to chuck in whatever bag you carry too.






Coffee Body Balm, The Aromatherapy Co. - $24.95

Coffee is filled with a bunch of antioxidants that will feed your skin and help fight premature ageing.  Which is why I love this product. It’s nourishing, skin tightening – and good on your wallet too.





Alpha-H Age Delay Cleansing Oil - $53.50

Oils will take your makeup off at night better than anything else (although I always recommend following with a cream cleanser.) This product is super gentle, so perfect for ladies with sensitive or easily irritated skin. It’s made with Sea buckthorn, which is filled Omega 7s and is designed to strengthen and repair with every wash.






Purely Age Defying Hand Treatment, Jurlique - $58.00

This hand cream is one of my faves. Filled with antioxidants, it’s designed to help minimise dark spots or skin discolouration, but even better it’s intensely moisturising and has very little scent. So you can use it multiple times a day – because we know a mother’s hands are never clean for long!








Newa Wrinkle Reduction System, NEWA - $500

This product is for the ladies who really want to jump on the ‘banish wrinkle’ bandwagon – although aren’t too keen on investing in longer term treatments such as botox (or are terrified of the thought of needles). Basically, it’s for the hardcore at-home-beauty. The device uses heat to re-activate the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and is said to reduce wrinkles by 45 per cent and tighten skin in 12 weeks. 

It comes with a cream that you apply first to deliver the heat energy to your skin and the device you use on top. I find it takes quite a bit of effort to use, so I’d probably only recommend to the really committed. I’ve only just started using this product but am noticing results straight away. (Pretty sure I’ll look 12 again in a few weeks time!)


Share your secrets! What are some of your favourite anti-ageing products?