By MeOhMy Founder & Editor Siobhan (@meohmymum)

Here at MeOhMy, we're not really a 'how to' mummy blog. We write about our experiences, and those of other mums, with features on a range of issues and subjects. We hope that by sharing, caring and supporting one another we all find common ground and know we're not alone on the roller coaster that is motherhood!

When it comes to tips on mummy-hood, the closest we'll get to that is recommending a few products that we love. But let me be clear (following on from the recent social media chat about people who endorse products and brands for money, even though they might not necessarily like the product) - I NEVER endorse anything that I don't absolutely love. I am very selective about what I choose to write about and post about on Instagram. I am always completely above board and honest about products and sponsorship.

So, let's talk nappy bags. I previously used a fairly standard mid-price nappy bag made by a certain popular mainstream brand that I won’t name (you know the one that most mums seem to invest in, with the big buckles and pockets on the outside, many different compartments, can be found in a department store and that brand only does two types of nappy bags as their focus is on handbags....) - which I found quite heavy and cumbersome. It was always getting in the way and not easy to lug around.

I now have an Elizabeth Storksak nappy bag and absolutely love it. It’s smaller, slim, compact and easy to carry. I love the leather, and it’s stylish and easy to wipe clean. It doesn’t fall off your shoulders when you try to carry it along with a baby, and I love the fact it’s not obviously a nappy bag.

The irony here is that as my number of children has grown the size of my nappy bag has shrunk – go figure! I guess I’ve learned more about what I REALLY need to be carting around each day with me. Less is more, as they say!

The awesome news is that we’re giving MeOhMy readers a chance to win one of these amazing bags, valued at over $420 AUD, in either tan or black - head to our page on Instagram to see all the details. It's as easy as posting and tagging! 

Get entering mamas :)

NOTE: We received a Storksak bag in return for this post