By Fashion Contributor Caitlin (@themummystylefiles)

Shopping for swimwear is much like shopping for jeans. Awful. No matter how confident you feel about yourself, you can rest assured that at some point during the process you will A. wish you had gotten a spray tan before you came, B. start sweating profusely while jumping, shimmying and hopping in a cubicle or C. swear off bread forever.

The only thing that can make this process worse is if you are shopping for your swimwear after having had a baby. Yikes! 

So what’s the solution?  As tempting as giving up and vowing to never set foot in the water again is, there are too many swimming lessons, pool parties, beach vacations and 40-degree days in the future. However thanks to clever little companies like Siren’s Swimwear there is now a much more positive, aka much less self-esteem shattering, way to shop for swimwear online.

Siren’s Swimwear is an Australian online company who provide gorgeous retro-inspired swimwear. They cater for curvy bottoms, soft tummies, big boobs as well as petite figures and women who want a more vintage or conservative look.

I was recently invited to order some swimsuits online using their ‘Ship the Shop’ option and then asked to review the process.

Whilst the design and fit of the swimwear is very exciting, the best part about Siren’s Swimwear is their Ship The Shop option for sure. Basically what it means is that you pay $199 (roughly the price of one of their pieces) and select five swimsuits of your choosing. These five suits get delivered to you door and you get to try them all on in the comfort of your own home and then choose which one you’d like to keep.

If you would like to keep more than one or the price of your suit is more or less than $199 you just pay the difference and send back the ones you don’t want. There is a reply paid satchel that comes with your swimmers. It is so easy, so relaxed and with barely lifting a finger you can find a flattering suit you love and save the tears for the next pair of jeans you need to buy!!

So how did I go? Well, the actual process of ordering online was completely seamless and even though I understood the concept I was still a little shocked to know that by ordering five pieces you are essentially getting to try over $1000 worth of product for only $199.

Whilst ‘Vintage’ or ‘Retro’ are not really two words that I would use to describe my personal style, I had absolutely no trouble finding five swimsuits to select. However I did think the fit would be a different story. I am 5’10’’ so I never have any luck with finding a one piece long enough, I am about 15 weeks post-partum with my second child and I have a significantly larger bottom half than top half. Siren’s Swimwear does not sell their bikinis as separates so I had to opt for the same size in both pieces. To say I was a bit sceptical would be an understatement. I ended up ordering three different styles and getting two different sizes in my two favourites. 

My swimwear arrived within a week of ordering and of course the moment they arrived I ripped the bag opened and pulled them all out. Uh oh. They looked quite big. Like quite big in the bust especially. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of jiggly bits but no one would ever describe me as curvy or voluptuous and despite the fact that I have had two children and attempted to breastfeed them both, I am still a proud (ish) member of the ittty bitty titty committee.

Nevertheless, I tried them all on and to my surprise and delight, they fit. The one-piece suits were definitely long enough to cover my torso and they have delicious tummy sucking in powers as well as flattering necklines. The bikini bottoms in the smaller size not only fit well but the high waisted retro style was quite flattering and a bit more conservative for this mama.

I eventually chose the black and white striped one piece and sent the other four back. Although I was tempted to keep the bikini as well I think I might have needed it in a small size. 

The bathers I chose

The bathers I chose

So if you are looking for a new pair of bathers this summer and are dreading the thought of going into a shop with harsh mirrors and tiny sales assistants, or if you’ve just had a baby and need a bit more support and figure flattering styles then I’d really encourage you to check out Siren’s Swimwear.

The lovely girls at Siren's have also offered FREE SHIPPING to MeOhMy Mum readers until the 15th of December. Just use the code ‘meohmy’ when you are checking out! Head to or follow them on Instagram