By MeOhMy Founder&Editor Siobhan (@meohmymum)

Mummy bloggers. They’re in abundance online and have a bad reputation for infighting and getting on their high horse.

And rightly so.

As a mummy blogger myself, I’ve seen some astounding behaviour from mummy bloggers online. Cattiness, fighting, stealing ideas – it can be like high school.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the mummy bloggers I know are awesome. We’re great mates. But then there are others..

Some use their public profile just to solicit free goods and promote their cute children far and wide. They build their follower base on Instagram by using certain hashtags that gain loads of attention, sometimes from the wrong sort of people.

I'm not hating on anyone in particular. Everyone has their own style. But I wanted to explain how I approach the role. I think there’s a difference between 'mummy blogging' and pimping your child out for your own gain. At least, there should be.

A blog can be a full time job if you know how to work it. ‘Blogger’ is a profession now. It’s hard work, a lot of it for nothing in return in the beginning.

Yes, I’m a mummy blogger, a fact which still surprises me sometimes. But first and foremost I’m a writer. How I approach the mummy blogger role stems from my experience. Journalism, PR and media were my career pre mum life. I’m not saying those things are necessary prerequisites, far from it. But with blogging now capable of earning income, it helps if you know how to spell!

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A few other things about me, in the interests of continuing to be completely above board, honest and real:

I have values. I do not judge other mums. Far from it, I’m accepting of whatever way anyone wants to ‘mum’ - each to her own!

I don’t give advice or profess to be the expert on mum life – I simply share my experience and that of other mums (who are Contributors for me or who have given me permission, of course)

My new bub Aoife 'helping' me work :)

My new bub Aoife 'helping' me work :)

I DO NOT endorse any product that I do not 100% love and use myself. I say no to products that I don’t like or that don’t work for my family. I would not recommend anything if I didn’t believe in it. If I am posting on Instagram or writing a blog on a certain brand or product, I will say if it’s sponsored and/or I’ve received payment.

I’m not in this for free stuff. For me, it’s genuinely about sharing the stories of mothers everywhere and the different ways in which they have approached their new lives as mums. Instead of judging mums for their choices or pigeon-holing them into certain categories, my site helps create supportive conversations. Because we know there are no right and wrong ways to approach the most life changing, challenging and rewarding experience in the world.

First and foremost, I have always supported small mummy-run businesses, many at the very start of their business careers.

As I see it, the golden rules of mummy blogging, or any online profile for that matter, should be:

  • Behave on social media as you would in person – be decent.
  • Do your OWN thing. Copycats are crap.
  • Find your niche.
  • Be different, be you.
  • Be kind.
  • Don’t get too big for your boots – you’re not a big deal no matter how many followers you have.

There you have it, my thoughts on the role.

Bring on a fabulous 2016 for all of us mums!