A look at My Baby Moments

By MeOhMy Founder & Editor Siobhan (@meohmymum)

I'm a bit crap at remembering things. Actually, scrap that - I'm USELESS!

Whether it's shopping lists, where I've left my keys or when my baby reached certain stages, my brain is like sludge. Good old 'baby brain' hey! I blame it on having two kids in 17 months ;)

With our first born Harry I recorded milestones like his first smile or when he rolled over by putting pictures on social media - but there was nothing actually in the picture itself to explain what was going on, so as time goes on I just can't remember what was going on there (good job my husband can!)

This time around there's no danger of that happening because I've found My Baby Moments and am a huge fan.

The idea of mums and friends Beck and Ainsley, My Baby Moments grew out of a wish to find a way to document and mark special times in the first year of their baby's life.

My baby girl Aoife and her My Baby Moments month card

My baby girl Aoife and her My Baby Moments month card

They began by creating their newborn firsts and month-by-month cards - cards that are beautiful enough and sturdy enough to position in a photo with your baby.

I have these sets in Sorbet and have to say they've not only come in handy already but also look good and transport well (our 'I was born today' card went to the hospital with us!).

Just a few hours old!

Just a few hours old!

As mums themselves, both Beck and Ainsley know all too well the struggles of mum life, but through My Baby Moments want to celebrate motherhood and all it can bring. Cherishing every moment is a huge part of that.

These cards are definitely a must-have for any mum or mum to be, and a great gift for Christmas. Christmas orders close on 16 December and they're also having a sale with all Firsts and Months cards under $30 AUD.


I'm really looking forward to continuing to use their beautifully-designed cards to record firsts such as smiles, rolling over, sitting up and standing - but not yet please baby girl! Time with our little ones goes too fast in the first year, doesn't it mums?!

Check out My Baby Moments here or on Instagram.