by Regular Contributor Kim Saunders, Captain and Co 

It was New Years' Eve. I’d had a few champagnes at a picnic in the park with Mini and Mr Perfect, and, as most Mums would understand, I was tucked up in bed by 9.30pm. Party animal! At midnight I woke up and launched out of bed. Not to welcome in the New Year, but to drive the porcelain bus. Boy was I sick. All kinds of exorcism sick.

As I recovered, rinsed out my mouth and brushed my teeth seven times, I began to think how odd it was. I had hardly drank, and didn't eat anything strange or out of the ordinary. Then wham. It hit me. I'd randomly been sick just a few days earlier. Just the day before, a coffee made me crazy shaky sweat. Then I started counting days in my head. Oh dear. I scrounged around in the bathroom and found a familiar friend hidden up the back. The wee stick. Waited only a minute and they appeared. Yup. Two lines. Wowsers. How did that happen? Well I know how 'it' happened, but wowsers.

I jumped on the bed shaking Mr Perfect and said he better wake up. One eye slowly cracked open and all he saw was a mad woman waving a stick in his face babbling away with bad breath badly masked by toothpaste. Once it sunk in, he sat up and just smiled. A great big beaming heck-yeah-we-did-it-should-I-hug-you-or-high-five-you-because-your-breath-is-terrible smile. That was midnight New Years Eve. The best way to start 2015.

Kim and Mini Mabel

Kim and Mini Mabel

Then reality sunk in. So many things started racing through my head. Two under two. Body changes. Space in the house. Money. Weight gain. Puffy everything. I had just got my body back. Well actually, I had got myself into better shape than before I had Mini. We only have a small two-bedroom home. We only have one small income. We are about to have another small person. Eep! That was it. I lay awake for hours.

My first pregnancy wasn't smooth sailing. I was sick all the time. It wasn’t morning sickness, it was all day sickness. One day I threw up 11 times. I got home and just cried. Then was sick again. I didn’t have a pregnancy glow. It was more like a hot sweaty pregnancy mess. I didn’t get a bit toey. I didn’t want to be touched, looked at or complimented by Mr Perfect. I refused to have photos taken. I constantly looked in the mirror and saw a mad puffy crazy bad hair pimply hormonal woman staring back at me.

The two things in my life that I always wished would be bigger didn’t get bigger. My average size boobs didn’t even squeak up a cup size. BUT my bum, hips, thighs, arms, face, neck, cheeks, chins (and yes I mean chins, there were several), ankles, hands, feet, fingers and toes made up for it. They all got bigger. Much bigger. I stopped looking at the scales after I gained 30 kilos. Ugh. Ouch. Ugh. Then the fluid retention began, the blood pressure went up and the daily trips to the hospital began. Carrying an extra 30 kilos in the heat of a Tasmanian Summer was horrible. It meant I didn’t ever want to move. It meant all I wanted to do was eat. And yes, it does get hot here. Only for two weeks a year though. Lucky me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a vain person. I’m not a small person. I already have curves and some junk in my trunk. I’m not young. I've got pretty low self-esteem and poor body confidence. I felt so big and uncomfortable last time, the size increase really scares me. Which is absolutely ridiculous. I should be loving pregnancy two.

I’ve decided this time around, I’m going to embrace the pregnancy curves as much as possible. I’m going to eat better, exercise more and stay fit, happy and healthy. Who cares if I look like a sweaty hairy sea lion that just ate a giant watermelon pushing a trolley through the supermarket? I’m planning to be a stylish happy sweaty hairy sea lion enjoying pregnancy two. I missed out on that the first time.

So I’m ready to get back into nanna knickers, comfy sports bras, stretchy pants, and oversized tops. Actually, let's be honest - much to the disgust of Mr Perfect, I never really stopped wearing the nanna knickers.

I guess the mum bun is here to stay. Good-bye to the wispy J-LO hairs that I’ve been trying to grow for the last year. You'll be falling out again soon. Oh, and hello random hairs in random places. Good to see you guys are already jumping back on board. YAY!

Bring on Mini Two and all the fabulous changes to our lives, body and home.

I’m so excited. I’m going to rock pregnancy two.