Today, like most days lately, I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. The perks of pregnancy, hey. I usually lay around for a while wishing and trying for sleep, then finally give up, get up and do some work instead. Pregnancy insomnia can certainly be good for something – productivity. And for Georg, the lovely small business owner I’m profiling today, it was the reason she thought of and started her new business Winnie Dot.

Photo courtesy of Winnie Dot.

Photo courtesy of Winnie Dot.

“In the early hours one morning I couldn't sleep and lay there thinking about all the things I needed to buy for our baby girl’s nursery. Instead, I decided to buy supplies to make wooden bead garlands and mobiles. It was more of an experiment than anything else. Once I received my supplies, I made a few and I fell in love with them,” Georg said.

Georg started an Instagram account selling her wooden garlands and mobiles, to see if it got any interest. It took off.

“I really didn't think it would take off as quickly as it has and I am still trying to wrap my head around how incredible the reaction has been,” she said.

Scandi-inspired design is very ‘now’, particularly natural tones interwoven with pastels like Winnie Dot’s beautiful products. For me, with our Number 1 baby we went down the monochrome path for nursery styling (well, when I say “we” – I like to pretend my husband had input, after all I did run purchases past him…briefly! But let’s face it, when it comes down to it all pregnant women and new mums get a little cray cray about all things baby setup and really do have the final say on nursery design – pregnancy hormones rule).

A Winnie Dot garland styled in our soon-to-be nursery for Number 2

A Winnie Dot garland styled in our soon-to-be nursery for Number 2

We don’t yet know the sex of baby Number 2, but for his or her nursery I have decided on Scandi-inspired pieces with natural, white and grey as base colours (which can then be added to when we find out the sex – pink or blue!). Raw timbers are a must for us, and Winnie Dot was my first port of call because that’s what Georg is all about.

“I love raw timbers. I think they are beautiful – the texture, the colour, and the fact that no one piece is ever exactly the same. My love for Scandinavian style has also inspired my product,” Georg said.

Winnie Dot’s wooden garlands are all hand-painted, handmade and can be customised to suit your colour scheme. They are made of great quality beads, sturdily strung, and can be hung looped or as a banner/garland.

The garlands look great strung up or looped.

The garlands look great strung up or looped.

Georg also does a range of mobile with tassels, perfect for little babies to stare at from afar. They are all simply gorgeous.

This entrepreneurial soon-to-be mum has always been a go-getter.

“From a very early age I have always been extremely independent. My parents have been in business for 30 years and I guess it runs in my blood. At 17 I decided to start my own business, a dance school. After three years, another local dance school approached me wanting to buy my business. As I was getting to the age of wanting to start a family, I thought it was the perfect time to sell up and buy my first home. Once falling pregnant I always thought I would start up my own little business on the side – something I could do while being at home with our little love,” Georg said.

Georg is just a few weeks out from becoming a first-time mum, and she couldn’t be happier.

“When people asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my response was always something different. A vet, a nurse, a ballerina, but the truth is… I always wanted to be a mum and a wife. I grew up in a family of six children and my parents are completely and totally smitten, still. My mum is Wonderwoman! She was a mother AND a wife. I aspire to be both of these things too. I believe being a mother is the best accomplishment you can do in life. So, I guess you can say I am feeling over the moon and ready for this next chapter,” Georg said.

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 And what does the future hold for Winnie Dot, aside from blissful motherhood moments and growing a large family?

"To be honest, I'm still coming to terms with what it has already become. I am just enjoying what it is and I am sure with my creative mind, passion and impulsiveness there will be plenty of new products in the future!" Georg said.

Check out Winnie Dot online at and on Instagram @winniedotlabel

 NOTE: Winnie Dot created a custom natural, white and grey/blue garland for us for this review.