I’m no mummy fashion blogger. Far from it! My blog focuses on the meaty and emotional side of motherhood. But that’s not to say I don’t love fashion – what woman doesn’t! Last week I was invited to an exclusive Roxy Jacenko event at Westfield and, oh my, was it a treat.

One of Australia’s leading businesswomen, reality TV stars and authors Roxy Jacenko, and Westfield Carindale, have teamed up to create an in-centre pop up that would make any fashion lover go weak at the knees.

The fashion was amazing. Think a giant walk-in ‘Sex in the City’ style closet. It showcases the very best fashion picks for Autumn Winter 2015 and provides a glimpse into Roxy’s closet – every woman’s ultimate fashion fantasy.

And Roxy’s three year old daughter Pixie is in on the act also, with her own section filled with kids’ “must have” items of the season – called ‘Pixie’s Edit’.

I was actually dressed half-decently for once - with time to blow dry my hair AND apply a full face of makeup! Such a refreshingly change from my ‘mum uniform’ of workout gear or jeans. I have some new Winter pieces which I am absolutely dying to wear. But given the temperatures are still sweltering up here in good old Queensland, the Winter purchases had to make way for a Zara hat, Sportsgirl striped skirt, H&M black top and Wittner wedges. Monochrome, casual and trendy chic, I thought. I was wrong.

When I arrived at the event I was so out-dressed it wasn’t funny. The superior threads of the mummy fashion bloggers in attendance put my humble wardrobe to shame. Ahh, my stay at home mummy days have clearly brought with them much less expensive clothes! And when Roxy was asked the one pattern or item of clothing that she steers clear of, she named stripes. Great…

Anyway, I digress. As a PR chick myself and former career woman, for me the most interesting part of the event was Roxy’s on-stage interview in which she gave her advice for juggling career success and motherhood. Roxy has two children, a PR and talent empire including Sweaty Beaty and Ministry of Talent, and has just completed her third book. Phew. And she had some inspirational words.

Roxy is all for rolling with the punches and taking on any task.

"Even if you don’t know how to do something, just run with it. It’ll be alright. And if it isn’t then pick yourself up and move on,” Roxy said.

On being a mum and juggling it all:

“I don’t have to-do lists. I just roll with whatever happens,” she said.

 On taking on new tasks or going for your dreams:

“Don’t worry about how I, will I, could I… – just do it,” Roxy said.

But back to the fashion, one last word on what to go for in Autumn/Winter 2015 from Roxy:

“This AW15 season is all about maximising the monochromatic look. Dresses, sharply tailored blazers and skirts in hues of black and white teamed with a statement bag will be my go-to. This edit exhibits this among some of my other favourite styles - one can never go wrong with denim on denim!” Roxy said.

And there you go, I wrote a fashion blog...well, kind of!