my chat with Well creator Emmy Reyna

Let's talk about 'mum-style'. Generally speaking, once your wee babe pops out and you become a mum for the first time your personal style suffers. Unless you're lucky enough to have lots of help, you just don't have the primping and preening time you used to (please tell me that’s not just me?!).

It used to take me a good hour to get ready in the mornings. There were long, luxurious showers, endless hair curling and straightening and meticulous makeup application, not to mention the several different outfit changes before finally settling on one for that day’s activities. Oh, how time changes!

These days, my routine is basic. It’s a good day if I get more than five minutes to shower without my very mobile little man a) causing such a ruckus outside that I have to go rescue him or b) joining me in the shower and trying to eat the toiletries (because his toys are clearly too boring!) I have my morning routine down to an easy 10 minutes. I don’t look glamorous but boy, am I efficient :)

With the changes to my daily routine have come changes to my wardrobe. First of all, there was the maternity gear, then there was the breastfeeding attire and now, running around after a one year old, comfort and basics are essential. My 'mum uniform' consists of Converse, jeans, relaxed pants, Ts and denim shirts. That’s basically it.

So I was pretty chuffed when I stumbled across new brand Well. Well, part of Elevn Clothing Co, has been created by Emmy Reyna who shares my love of easy yet stylish 'mum-style'. Well is all about relaxed, adaptable and effortless pieces, designing for everyday style, comfort and living.

Well harems and printed T

Well harems and printed T

Emmy was inspired to create the brand after becoming a mum.

“Being a first time mum, it was always my mission to find comfortable relaxed pieces I could wear every day that had a slight edge and made me feel confident in. My body had changed from growing this amazing life and all I wanted was to feel myself again. My creations had to be flattering, good quality and easy to blend back with the rest of my wardrobe for day to evening versatility. I started with my favourite shades of grey, white and black and ran with a few relaxed styles I knew I would feel comfortable in,” Emmy says.

“Comfortable” these days doesn’t have to mean trackie pants and oversized men’s t-shirts (although I do love to wear those – around the house!). Comfortable with Mum-level cool – and trendy but not too young. That’s how I would sum up the pieces I’ve seen from Well so far.



Well printed T - love this one!

Well printed T - love this one!

My particular faves are the harem pants and range of printed Ts. Well also do a couple of shift dresses. Well pieces are all pre shrunk material and are made, designed and printed all in Australia.

Emmy is no newbie to the fashion industry, and started the label in order to spend more time with her little family.

“I’ve been in fashion for a long time and have been lucky enough to gain experience across different departments and succeed in them. Ultimately, I wanted to combine my experience and love for design to create simplistic styles that I could feel my old self in again. I’m very much a ‘jeans and tee’ kind of girl as I like that relaxed smart look. I feel I’m at my best when I’m comfortable. This is very much my passion project, I love thinking up new styles and creating prints – and what girl doesn’t love new clothes?! I’m doing what’s “good for the soul” so to speak,” Emmy says.

Living her dream has been a long time coming for this super mum, who juggles running the brand with her current day job, chasing after her daughter and living life as a young family.

“It’s tough to find enough time when you’re living a busy lifestyle already. I’m not complaining by any means I’ve always been a hard worker, but it can be challenging when you throw a one year old who’s very much growing into an adorable active little person in the mix! Although, that part I really don’t mind, as she is the very reason I am striving for the stars. This may sound cliché but if you’re passionate about something you’re going to make the time to pursue it and do your best to make it work,” she said.

Hard work and dedication are clearly in Emmy’s veins, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I often try to think back to my life before motherhood and it honestly feels like another lifetime ago! If I had to skip back past reasoning with a toddler, way past pregnancy to the days of living a carefree existence and dreaming of a life wished lived – I would have to say I dreamt of a life similar to this one I’m living now! Except, obviously in my mind back then my life was way more glamorous and didn’t include some of the things you find out after becoming a parent and what it takes to run your own business!” she said.

Emmy lives her life to the fullest, making sure she gets time out for herself as well.

“I regularly make sure I have time out just for me for a few child-free hours and then I’m ready to come back and conquer all. Wine these days is needed! It’s definitely a juggle and there are days where I’ve had a few [tough] moments but overall I’m healthy, my family is happy and I’m enjoying the mayhem.”

 And with that, fellow mamas let’s go have a wine, put our feet up and enjoy perusing Well’s online store at

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