My chat with Me+Tata creator Sara Fraga

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I never really thought too much about where my clothes were made or where the fabric was coming from until I had our baby Harry. Yes, I’d always cared about fashion but more from a ‘look’ perspective. Gosh knows where the fabric came from. Now, when dressing Harry, it’s super important to me that the fabric of what I buy for him is soft, high quality, ethically produced and washes well.

Organic and ethical baby and kids clothes are becoming more widespread these days, but you do have to look at little further than the mainstream stores to find them. Instagram is a great resource for sourcing original, organic and well-made clothing. And there’s a new kid on the block to add to the mix – Me+Tata.

Me+Tata’s ethos is “Organic your First Touch” and creator Sara Fraga says she believes that organic should be the norm rather than the ‘special’ feature.

“With organic cotton we can ensure we are giving the best start to a baby’s life. The fabric is free from nasty chemicals, is healthy and soft and has amazing quality. For us, it’s important that all our garments are made with love and no one suffers during the process of making our garments,” Sara says.

The Pure Collection

The Pure Collection

So much so that Sara spent over a year trying to find the best manufacturer who would share her values. She found someone who supports equal work rights for Women and Men, ethical work conditions and organic farming.

“Our yarn company has built a school for the farmers kids to have access to education, food and transport. Our garments are made with Love without harming anyone. I could not imagine it any other way,” Sara says.

When it comes to design, Sara is at the helm and finds inspiration in simple things like playing at the playground with her two girls, drawing outside in the beautiful sun or just relaxing at the beach. Her new Pure Collection was inspired by pure, simple and naïve design.

“A clear white and light palette was the way to go. All prints were designed while drawing with my girls and that makes it extra special. I love seeing babies in white there is something really special about it,” She says.

And I have to say, I genuinely love this particular collection. The one-pieces are just divine – so soft, so innocent, so sweet and so whimsical. I can’t wait to dress baby number 2 in these.

Me and Tata's new Pure Collection - how gorgeous are these onesies! (pictured with a garland from Winnie Dot)

Me and Tata's new Pure Collection - how gorgeous are these onesies! (pictured with a garland from Winnie Dot)

Sara started the brand while on maternity leave.

“It all started with a sewing machine on my kitchen table and has quickly evolved into an amazing little brand. It wasn’t really planned this way. I was working as a Behavioural Scientist and when I had my baby girl I couldn’t see myself going back to my job. So I started sewing tiny clothes for my baby and quilts, and from there I was really drawn to Japanese style and Naïve Art. I love being a kids clothing designer – I’m inspired by kids and their uncomplicated free-thinking,” Sara says.

As with any mum-treprenuer, Sara’s days are full but she finds time for both work and play.

“There’s a lot in one day but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way,” she says.

Check out this minimalistic, simple and ethical brand, and support a local mama working hard for her babes.

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Follow me on Instagram (@meohmymum) for your chance to win a Me+Tata Pure onesie!


NOTE: this post is sponsored. However, I do not endorse any products that I do not genuinely love :)