by Regular Contributor Kim Saunders @captainco.tasmania

For the last few weeks I’ve been happily sitting on a 7kg weight gain during this pregnancy. All of a sudden… I’m creeping up to the 10kg mark. I’m not thrilled. I’m really not. As my pregnancy is considered High Risk (high five to my old friend pre eclampsia, thanks for showing up again. Great to have you onboard for my Mini Two. Not)… I have to weigh myself daily. This also means daily counseling sessions from Mr. Perfect are required. I can’t say it really helps, but he really tries. Through the tears and the “Look-at-me-no-don’t-look-at-me” chats in the morning, I see my wardrobe. And as vain as this sounds, nice clothes do make me feel better. And at the moment, nice stretchy clothes make me really happy.

On a side note, I weigh myself first thing in the morning. I also hold my breath and hold my boobs up thinking this may make a difference to the little flashing numbers at my feet. It doesn’t. And I know it won't. But every time I step on those little evil scales, I hold my breath and grab my boobs. Seriously. Crazy.

It’s no secret. I'm not a big fan of maternity wear. Although there are now some great stores FINALLY bringing out gorgeous pieces, in general it's not really my thing. It doesn't really inspire me. And it really doesn’t help my over the top hormonal I'm-feeling-fat-puffy-unattractive-with-nothing-pretty-to-wear feeling. Ugh.

It also doesn’t help I live in Launceston. Very pretty City. Very cruisy lifestyle. But not a lot of choice. Target has one small rack or maternity wear. So does Kmart. And Sussan. And to me, all pieces are hideous. No offense to all of these stores, or to those who buy from them, but when did 'I'm pregnant' turn into 'I'm just going to dress like a 75 year old retiree in bad patterns, bad colours, badly fitting shapeless styles”. Guys, I'm pregnant, not giving up entirely and moving into Sunshine Palms Retirement Village. Sigh. 

I totally adore the style of some the style of the pregnant Mummas out there. I wish I looked as amazing as @sophia.jay_, @winniedotthelabel, @sheis_sarahjane, @meohmymum (to name a few) or any mum on @bathelabel but alas, I don't. I'm not an attractively-shaped pregnant lady. More like a sweaty messy hair puffy dumpling. I really do look like a keg on legs. Not even nice legs. I swell. I eat too much. I gain too much weight. Everywhere. I’m too tired to bother doing my hair. Don’t even ask me when I last washed it. I've stopped trying to be a svelte smoking hot pregnant lady that you see in magazines. I'm going for the round look. That's how I'm going to roll. Literally. So, the days I have to be seen in public, I like to try to make myself look as half decent as possible, as quickly as possible.

Normally I am a size 12. I like to think sometimes a 10, but no. In general, it is a size 12. Or L in Designer Label land. I also have hips. Not just when pregnant. And thighs. All year round. Bun in oven or not. I’m a real shape. I even have what I call a double-bum. I won't go into details, but fellow double-bummers will know what I mean. And when I am pregnant, my real shape just gets a bit bigger.

First pregnancy, I wore a lot of workout gear. Mostly because it was comfy and partly because I planned to do some exercise that day. Please note the word 'plan'. It was also summer, which meant I was too hot and too big to really care. A maxi dress and size 11 sandals was all I could muster. Or just undies, avoiding all mirrors in the house and hiding from delivery people praying they would leave it at the front.

This pregnancy, almost everything is ordered online. It’s a little hit and miss come mail day, but I've found some great pieces that work for my expanding belly bum boobs hips thighs waist... pretty much all my expanding bits!

Most are Mono. I have a thing for Mono. And most are not maternity… yet. Mainly because I'm only 27 weeks and have a medium sized bump. Ask me again at 37 weeks. I’m sure it will be a totally different story. Uggs PJ pants and Mr. Perfect’s oversized jumpers all day. Sexy times.

'Mono Must-haves'

'Mono Must-haves'

Mono Must Haves

Black Leather Jacket –TOTALLY lusting over this White Suede Crop Jacket. Yes please.

Black Oversize Jumper – I have the Sportsgirl Essential Pullover in Black. And Khaki. And Grey. Perfect with or without a bump. The dipped back also helps cover my bo-donk-a-donk-baby-got-back butt.

Grey Tee – Ideal for every wardrobe, pregnant or not. I own plenty. This is my current favourite from Country Road.

Gold Necklace – Anything from Jewels by Jacqueline. Seriously. I own three necklaces and three rings. Adore. The Pyramid Necklace is a must have. The End.

Black Boots – Living in Tasmania, boots are a must. My current favourites. These Senso beauties and a wide fit ASOS pair for puffy feet days.

Non Training Trainers – I like to wear Trainers when not training. There are some great brands and styles out there. Loving these adidas ZX Flux in Animal Print.


Here are a few other styles I have going on. Most are on rotation and can be mixed and matched. With every outfit I wear my @eden_zoe Eden Zoe Initial Necklace and my  @the_horse All Black Watch …. nanna knickers and sports crop bras.

Casual Coffee

The Fifth Sweet Dream Pants in Animal Print @thefifthlabel

Sportsgirl Essential Pullover  in Black @sportsgirl

New Balance Core Sneakers in Black @newbalanceau


Holiday Hangs

Bassike Relaxed Jersey Pant in Grey Marle @bassike

Cheap Monday Morgan XL Crazy Sexy Cool Tank @cheapmonday

Mister Zimi Sierra Kimono @misterzimi

Birkenstock Arizona in Matte Black @birkenstock


'Feeling Fancy' and 'Want to Workout'

'Feeling Fancy' and 'Want to Workout'

Want to Workout

The Upside  Markova Tank in White @the_upside
Nike Legendary Criss Cross Tight @nike

Nike Roshe Run Woven Black Anthracite @nike


Feeling Fancy

Mister Zimi  Black River Dress @misterzimi

Senso Riley V Heels in Chalk @senso

White Suede Crop Jacket in Black @whitesuede


Just Cruisin'

ASOS Skinny Maternity Jean @asos_au

Well by Elevn Stripe Yourself Tee @well_by_elevn

Blossom and Glow Waterfall Cable Knit Cardigan @blossomandglowmaternity

ASOS  Wide Fit Black Boots @asosau