This is my burgeoning body. I've started feeling huge and struggling with pelvic or round ligament pain. Getting around is harder, particularly chasing after a crazy 13 month old, and sometimes I wonder why we decided to go again so soon! I'm feeling huge, ugly and definitely far from sexy.

BUT I have to keep reminding myself that these feelings are all normal and temporary. Our bodies are capable of AH-MAZING feats and since mine has carried two babies in less than two years (bouncing right up to 100kg then back to 74kg, and going up again!) it's been through a lot - there's bound to be some wear and tear from all of that.

Ladies, wear your stretch marks, birth scars, bumps and jiggly bits with pride, your body is simply superhuman. What we can do and what we go through both mentally and physcially during pregnancy and motherhood can be so hard, but it's all more than worth it and can only make us stronger.

On another note though, it's time I stopped the madness of my pregnancy sweet cravings. I've always had a pretty good diet - I was following the Paleo diet for a while, have done the clean eating thing and after having Harry had found a good balance of not a strict diet (bread can be our friend!) but loads of heathy veggies, protein and healthy treats. This pregnancy, I vomited the first four months straight. Literally. So I actually lost weight. But since our interstate move over the last month, I've been even more time poor than usual with Harry not being in care at all, and too busy to cook or exercise as much.. Safe to say I've let shit slide.

Sweet baked treats are now a daily occurrence, and we get takeaway a lot more than I'd like. There's no excuses. I haven't weighed myself but I'm sure the numbers are creeping up. And I'm not even in the third trimester yet. So, from today I'm reigning it the HELL in before I end up a hippo. But mainly, because I just feel better and get through each day better when I'm eating well and exercising.

From today, I'll be eating more veggies and protein, less baked goods, and getting back to my regular workouts - for the rest of my pregnancy but particularly over the next six weeks for a good kick start. I'm looking for you guys to keep me accountable, and for any fellow preggies to join me! I'll post on Instagram infrequently about it, just to check in and see how we're all going. No shaming, all motivation and support. By the way, I do have fitness and nutrition qualifications but this is about support, not prescribing you any sort of plan. Go on, join us by making a commitment to having a healthier pregnancy - follow me at @meohmymum and feel better for it. Who's in?