The logistics of having two children under 18 months actually terrifies me. I’ve lain in bed awake at night wondering about how I’m going to manage it. Plus, now that we’ve moved back to the ‘big smoke’, as I’ll call it, my husband is working crazy hours and is no longer home for the nightly bedtime routine. Insert crazied worried mother here.

Now, our first-born Harry is not a quiet child. Nor is he happy to sit still now that he can do the walk/run thing. He is on the go CONSTANTLY. When I think about adding our newborn ‘Peanut’ into that mix in 16 weeks time, I have visions of Harry running off into oncoming traffic while I’m trying to get the baby out of the car, him hitting the baby in the head repeatedly (his favourite thing to do to me recently – I mean, seriously child?!) and more…

The only thing that gives me comfort when I think about how I’ll take both of them out is that I am determined to put Peanut into a baby carrier to leave my hands free for toddler wrangling and chasing. It makes awesome sense to me!

When Harry was a new baby, we didn’t use a baby carrier as much as we should have. I look back and regret that somewhat, but I think it’s because we had a carrier that, while it worked, was uncomfortable for me. It pulled my shoulders forward and as we had a heavy child the pram was the easier option. Those times I did use it I loved feeling Harry close, kissing his wee head and smelling that sweet new baby smell. Baby wearing certainly is amazing and super important for bonding.

When I joined Instagram as MeOhMy Mum in October last year Sarah from Elki Baby fast became one of my favourites mamas. Sarah operates her baby-wearing brand from her home on the Gold Coast. I’ve always been a big fan of Elki, because of their stylish designs but most importantly because Sarah is a fantastic all round person.

Sarah and her daughter Elki

Sarah and her daughter Elki

Sarah started Elki because she saw a gap in the market for a quality, eco-friendly and chic baby carrier.

“I have always loved creating things and am a very visual person. I saw a gap in the market. There were plenty of options but nothing ticked all the boxes for me. I also wanted to indugle my creative brain and do something for myself while staying home with Elki. I had reached that point where I was ready to start doing something stimulating again. I am loving everything about this journey and the people I have met along the way,” Sarah said.

I thought we’d give an Elki Wrap a go in preparation for Peanut and wow, what a difference it has made.

Harry is no shrinking violet. He was born nearly four kilograms, and at 13 months is already wearing size 18 months or Two.  We haven’t carried him in a carrier in around six months, so I was interested to see how we went with him in the Elki.

There’s nothing I don’t love about this product. Being 23 weeks pregnant, our old carrier is definitely a no-go. But with the Elki, the fabric goes around my bump nice and comfortably. It’s wide across the shoulders which means good support, and there’s heaps of fabric which makes for secure wrapping. Speaking of the fabric, it’s stylish and comes in an awesome range of colours tailored for each season and definitely on-trend.

Sarah says the inspiration behind her brand is her daughter.

“She is my world and what keeps me going on those days that I think it's all just too hard. She loved being carried in a wrap from the very first time I wore her and even now, as a one year old, she settles so quickly that people cannot believe how much she loves it. She was a very 'spirited' newborn, with a touch of reflux and would rarely allow me to put her down during the day. I quickly grew tired of the limitations this meant for me and our wrap was a lifesaver. It gave me freedom to do the things I wanted and needed and most importantly allowed me to escape the house with ease. This is something I wanted to share with other new Mums and Dads,” she said.

As any other mum-treprenuer can relate to, a day in the life of Elki Baby is full on. Sarah juggles full time care for her baby Elki along with the growing business that is Elki Baby.

“I haven’t put Elki in care yet and our family lives far away, so I work around how she's feeling. Any Mum will know this can be wide and varied! Mornings are always our time. We have breakfast together and I also try and stay engaged with my Mum's group and do some outdoor activities. Elki's nap-time is work time and I do most of my sewing and admin while she sleeps or at night time," she said.

Elki 'helping' mum with the wraps!

Elki 'helping' mum with the wraps!

"But let's be honest those daytime naps are getting few and far between. I am lucky she is happy to sit at my feet and play in the fabric scraps, get in and out of the car numerous times a day running errands and hang out at the markets on the weekend but I won't lie, it's a tough juggle some days. But I feel so lucky that I can be home with my her and doing something I love all wrapped up into one manic-coffee fueled package each day!”

In the future, Sarah has visions of Elki staying a boutique brand (and always family owned and operated) but would like to expand distribution.

“I would love to see Elki used as a platform for sharing the immense benefits of baby-wearing to the everyday new mum. We do not want to overwhelm them - we want to share the pure joy and convenience that can be found using our wraps,” she said.

Heart to heart, skin on skin is where it’s at. I am determined to do more baby wearing this time around and am pretty darn happy I have the Elki wrap to do it with.

You can check out Elki Baby on Instagram @elki_babywrap and at


Note: MeOhMy received an Elki wrap for this review.