By Guest Blogger Emmy Reyna (@well_by_elevn)

Emmy Reyna runs clothing company Well while tackling a day job and the all important role of, Emmy talks about how her life has changed and the daily juggle to 'have it all'....


I suppose you could say my life is colourful – well, my lounge room sure is! I use to have an adult house of dark, light and neutrals. It’s now a colourful playground. There is a pop up circus tent in the middle of my lounge room, and an inflatable pink pool with about 500 colourful balls in my dining area (which end up EVERYWHERE!) thanks to beautiful childless friend who thought it was a great idea to buy this for my child (just you wait!). There are talking (very creepy) dolls and musical toys that sometimes turn themselves on late at night and scare the shit out of me, not to mention the different walker type toys in every possible colour you can imagine. My Foxtel IQ use to have reality TV shows and box set series recorded – now it’s banked up with trippy kids’ shows that seem to put my child in a trance for half an hour, which is great because it means I have HALF an hour! 



There’s a lot about my life that has changed.

I use to love hanging with the ladies regularly – dinner, a few wines under my belt and we would end up dancing the night away… Aaah, the memories! I’m pretty sure those late nights were training me into motherhood!

This Motherhood gig is by far the hardest job I’ve ever done. My little boss lady has taught me so much about life and myself, that deep unconditional love a parent feels for their child and the perfect father she has brought out in my husband, all in her 14 months of life. It’s incredible how far we have come as a family in such a short time.

I’ve also learnt how important routine is for a child. Consistency really is key. I read so many books and articles on motherhood during my pregnancy and the two books that stood out to me were Baby Bliss by Jo Ryan and Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall. There were things about both I liked and things I didn’t like so I took snippets of both and mashed it into my own thing and I would regularly refer back to my mummy friends when I needed that reassurance. You've got to love the mummy community! We ladies really do ROCK! I don’t think I would have coped having gone back to work full time without the advice of these ladies and my ‘snippets’.

Being a working mum has its shares of ups and downs. Some days are really tough – tired becomes your middle name, organisation is imperative, not to mention the pangs of guilt you feel. Family and ambition together are not an easy balance but I do it because that is what’s best for my family. I’m pretty sure I’ve winged the last five months in my day job talking the same old ‘business lingo’ (although, there have been those rare occasions I’ve said some pretty crazy out there things to clients, all in jest of course, and have kicked myself profusely blaming the infamous ‘baby brain’ - which, by the way, NEVER goes away!)

In amongst the chaos I also fit in designing and nurturing my ‘other baby’ – Well Clothing. This happens after hours, during lunch breaks and nap times. Well doesn’t feel like work. It’s been a long yet fun journey and it has me thinking creatively which I need.

If one of the psychic ladies I had visited when I was single said I was going to be married, have a child two years later, work a day job and run my own brand I would have laughed so hard in their face, and told them to lay off the alcohol and give me my money back! The small window at the end of each work day is dinner/bath and bed time, and I really try not take for granted. It’s our family time. There’s a strict social media, iPhone, internet ban in my house during that short time. This is important to me. Once our little Bean is in bed the world resumes. Weekends are so cherished and they are over just as quickly as they have started.

 Life is hectic, full of love and topsy turvy – but it’s manageable and very colourful!!