My chat with BasiK Organics founder Kristen Berriman


I never really thought too much about the products I put on my skin until I had our baby Harry. Yes, I’d always practiced good skin care but 9 times out of 10 would go with the supermarket/Priceline brands just for convenience and because they were cheaper.

I remember being literally ‘showered’ with Johnsons’ baby products in the lead up to Harry’s birth. We had so much in the cupboard we could have opened our own shop. I went ahead and used it, as a lot of new mums do, but within weeks Harry had dry scaly skin – so much so that the skin on his head was peeling off! I was horrified.

My own skin post partum suddenly became horrendously dry. I invested in some chirally-correct skin care for myself, and organic skin care for Harry. And boy, what a difference it made to both of us.

Now, it’s super important to me that all the products I buy are natural and without any nasties. Organic and ethical products are becoming more widespread these days, but sometimes they’re not all they claim to be. 

There's a new organic natural skin care brand, BasiK Organics, and they’re the real deal.

BasiK Organics is a Melbourne home-based, all natural skin care company for babies and mummas. All the raw ingredients they use in their products are certified organic.

Founder Kristen was inspired to create her business by her boys.

“Like every mother, from the very beginning I wanted to protect them and do everything I could to ensure they have every opportunity to grow into strong, healthy men. For me this began with not only what I gave them to eat, but what I used on their skin. After all, skin absorbs around 60% of what we put on it!” Kristen said.

Like many of us Kristen had always been a beauty and makeup junkie, however a few years ago began to question exactly what was going in to the expensive products she used so religiously and loved.

Why was it that I struggled to even pronounce most of the things listed on the ingredients? So I began to research, read, and experiment. I started by clearing out my entire make-up and skin care collection (sigh!) and I also began making my own creams and oils. And then a funny thing happened. I found that my skin looked great using my all-natural goodies. Maybe even better than before!” Kristen said.

“When I fell pregnant with my first son four years ago I knew I couldn't, or wouldn't, expose my precious baby to the toxins found in many products on the market, including baby products! The thing was, many of the so-called 'organic' and 'all-natural' products I was looking at still had a multitude of nasties in them. And in the world of skin care 'organic' doesn't actually mean much. With no regulations surrounding the use of such words, it's scary to think that many of us are totally being misled and are still using toxic products that we believe to be all-natural.”

“I wanted to create a range that was truly 100% organic. That was made locally and ethically, and was affordable and easily accessible for families,” she said.

Kristen’s range includes skin balms, creams, belly butter, baby wash, baby bath tea and more. I’ve tried the Cream and have to say it’s invaluable for both Harry and I. We have a bath then I cover both my baby belly and Harry’s skin in it. With ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, and various natural oils, there is literally nothing better you could put on your skin.

The Baby Hair and Body wash is great for Harry’s hair and skin and that along with the Cream are the only two products we need for bath time. I’ve also used the Belly Butter which is absolutely divine.

Like many mumtrepreneurs, going into business while juggling children was a big challenge for Kristen but she’s taken it in her stride.

“I started BasiK Organics when my first son was a baby, and since then I have renovated a house with my husband, returned to work, and had my second son. Let's just say it's been a whirlwind! But my passion for BasiKOrganics has kept me going. I believe in my range 110% and I love what I do!” she said.

I love the fact that Kristen is dedicated to taking on feedback from other mothers and then implementing that into her products.

“Being a mother myself, and by chatting with other mothers, friends and customers I get a lot of feedback on what people are looking for, and what is missing in the market. Usually I research ingredients and their benefits, then I begin experimenting. Many of the products in my range have taken a whole lot of failed attempts before I came up with something I was truly happy with,” Kristen said.

Like a lot of us work at home mums with a passion, Kristen wouldn’t change a thing.

My children are my everything and they drive me each and every day to be the best person I can be. My business is my passion and I can't tell you just how much it means to me when I get positive feedback from customers telling me just how much they love my products and how they've helped calm and heal their little one's irritated skin,” she said.


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NOTE: Harry and I are BasiK Organics Brand Ambassadors - as always, I do not endorse any products that I do not genuinely love.