By MeOhMy Editor&Founder Siobhan Rennie (@meohmymum)

As you all may know, I have a baby boy named Harry. Well, maybe he’s not really a baby anymore – more like crazy toddler wrecking ball! Anyway, from the time we knew we were having a ‘blue’ bub I was on the hunt for well-made, trendy boys' gear that DIDN’T have trucks, cars or monsters emblazoned upon it. I know it’s not just me that hates that kind of gear – it’s like the world thinks that dressing boys in gear portraying traditionally ‘manly’ things will help shape them as men. Errrr, not so much.

Anyway, the point is that I struggled to find the sort of clothing I was looking for in mainstream shops. So, I turned to Instagram (which was very new to me at the time) and low and behold a few talented mamas had recognised this gap in the market. One of these is Little Gents Clothing, who have set about creating a one stop shop for all things trendy boys’ clothes.

Sick of working in her high powered corporate job after having children, creator of Little Gents and mum of two Diana Rogaris wanted to work on something that was flexible and gave her a good work/life balance.

“Trying to keep climbing the ladder after children proved a little different to what I expected. I missed my kids, I missed my sleep, I missed my sanity. I wanted something flexible from home that I could focus on in between soccer practices and games, assemblies and school reading groups. But something that I was ultimately passionate about. I saw a hole in the market and wanted to see what I could do about it,” Diana said.

Diana and her son Gabe

Diana and her son Gabe

As any mum who has a boy will know, being inundated with frilly pink tutus in every shop can get a bit old, and Diana was sick of it.

“Like many other mums I found myself struggling to find quality, unique stylish clothes for little boys. I loved dressing my son and would often get complimented on his outfits, everyday or otherwise – though the frustration of going from shop to shop to find a complete outfit was definitely not ideal. I wanted to bring the mums out there more options - cool, comfy and stylish clothing and accessories,” she said.

Diana takes her inspiration from magazines, TV, celebrities and street style, and has her son as her chief stockist and consultant!

Harry in his Tumble n Dry jeans

Harry in his Tumble n Dry jeans

“My eyes are always open. I am of European background, so will often look to overseas trends to see what I can adapt and what makes sense. My son is quite particular about what he likes and doesn’t, and when I’m ordering stock he will usually be hanging around!” she said.

Diana’s hard work has paid off, with the Little Gents range stocking great brands such as Momes, Milky and Tumble n Dry. Not only that, they also stock a range of awesome accessories (think Fedoras and braces) and décor.

My Harry has a few Milky and Tumble n Dry pieces and they’re great, quality items that I can see him wearing in many different combinations. They also beat the ‘toddler test’, standing up to multiple washes and the workout that a toddler can give clothing.

Harry giving his Tumble n Dry jeans from Little Gents a workout

Harry giving his Tumble n Dry jeans from Little Gents a workout

“The idea is to make every little boy feel confident in themselves and be proud of who they are. I love the challenge that it [this business] brings every day. I am inspired when I receive feedback from customers who are grateful they came across our site as they have been looking for something like this as I was. Or when I am able to help mums piece an outfit together for an upcoming function,” Diana said.

Check out Little Gents here or on Instagram.

Note: this post is sponsored. As always, here at MeOhMy we only endorse brands we genuinely love and have tried ourselves.