When you’re single, or partnered but childless, to some extent you think you’re invincible. The world is your oyster and you can live where you want to live, how you want to live and with whatever purpose you choose.

Once a little darling comes along, the perfect mix of both your partner and yourself, that all changes. Well, at least it did for my husband and I. In life post-baby you can feel vulnerable, exposed and scared, and look to friends and family for advice and support.

All of these feelings can be good. They force you to get your sh*t sorted. Insurance is bought, cars are serviced, houses are purchased and decorated or renovated, degrees are finished and job promotions are strived for.

But they can also really highlight where you might need some changes.

My husband and I moved 1000km away from the large majority of our family and friends just after we first met, for my work. BAM, one month after we decided to try for a baby we were pregnant. We were over the moon – but needless to say, fairly shocked!

We had started our new life open to the possibilities of meeting new people and excited to explore our new surrounds. Severe morning sickness, a newborn and then planning a wedding, without family or friends nearby as support, put the brakes on those plans. 

Harry exploring his new local park

Harry exploring his new local park

Over the last two years we’ve become super close as a family. Our little family unit is strong and undoubtedly happy. But after a long time of not being able to have date nights, having no one around to call in an emergency, having next to no opportunities to socialise and missing out on friends’ major life events, it wears a bit thin.

With Baby Number 2 on the way, we’ve learned that we are no longer ‘super couple’ who can do it all on our own (not that we ever actually called ourselves that, but we just didn’t realise how much we’d need people around ‘just in case’).  We need support.

Luckily for us, my husband has landed a really great opportunity back home.

So, anyone who follows me on Instagram (@meohmymum) knows that we've recently done the big interstate move to be back close to our family and friends, and couldn't be happier!

It was the best decision we've ever made, and we're loving our new life. But, it was a HUGE amount of work for this pregnant woman!

Despite being in our new home for more than two months now, we haven't had time to explore our new surroundings - until this weekend just gone...

We went on a little trip around the local beaches, many of which I'd never seen before. Mother nature turned on a great day for us, with loads of winter sun and blue sky.

29 weeks pregnant and making the most of time with my boys before another female joins us!

29 weeks pregnant and making the most of time with my boys before another female joins us!


Our new home is that harder to get around than where we lived previously - there's more traffic, more hassle, more stress and more organisation required.


So, we took our Oyster Max pram out because it's super lightweight and easy to use when you're on the go.


Harry is now at the stage where he doesn't spend long in the pram and prefers to hitch a ride on Dad's shoulders instead. But I'm loving the fact that this pram, which we've been calling our 'little runabout', is a double as well and will come in super handy when Number 2 arrives in October!

The only way Harry likes to roll on the weekends!

The only way Harry likes to roll on the weekends!

Some people thought we were mad for making the move to a busier, more stressful existence. But for us, the importance of having friends around outweighs all of that. Support is super important, despite how 'super' you think you might be. And sometimes new starts are necessary, no matter how huge they might be. You really can create any sort of existence you want for your family.

It was a great weekend and one I'll always remember as we look towards our threesome becoming an (oarsome?!) foursome in October!


NOTE: Harry and I are Oyster Max brand ambassadors. I do not endorse any brands or products that I do not genuinely love :)