By MeOhMy Founder&Editor Siobhan Rennie (@meohmymum)

Ok ladies, here's everything you need to know about the third trimester – well, more like a look at all the final trimester 'perks' that people don't tell you about!

If you’re a mum or mum to be, you’ll know the stages of pregnancy well.

This first trimester is, for many women, all about being close to the nearest bathroom for frequent sneaky vomiting episodes. You live in amazement of what you’ve created (and how something so small can make you so sick!) but your life becomes about hiding any early signs of a bump or sickness to the outside world before you get to the ‘safe’ 12-week mark. 

In the second trimester, you can tell the world your amazing news. Your 'podge' starts to grow into a proper pregnancy bump, getting rid of the worry about whether people are thinking “is she fat or is she pregnant?”. Dressing the bump is relatively easy in slightly stretchier clothing, you recover your appetite and can still get around with relative ease.

But the third trimester, aka ‘the home stretch’, is another beast altogether. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby and have been thinking about all those things people never tell you (and that you don’t remember from the first time!) that make the third trimester a real bitch… 

A few weeks ago, you thought pregnancy was a breeze, ‘fun’ even. You were glowing and embracing your bump. But suddenly, putting it bluntly, shit just got real…

 ·      Moving is ten times harder. Rolling over in bed requires strategic thinking and twice as long. You're like a turtle trying to get off its back. As for bending over, wow that’s a long know you’re in the third trimester when you drop something on the floor and just walk away muttering “fuck it!”

·      There’s increasing pressure and stabbing pains in your you know what…you can’t see down there but you sure as hell know it’s looking all 80’s and will require a good ‘whipper snipper’ before you give birth!

Nothing fits..bras and nighties it is!

Nothing fits..bras and nighties it is!

·      Waddling, which I like to think of as ‘pregnancy swag’, is unavoidable. And it’s getting slower…you’re like a hippopotamus when trying to cross the road.

·      Nothing fits – but it’s not really worth buying new maternity gear, so hubby’s trackies and t-shirts it is. Sexy and so so glam.

·      The weeks take twice as long. The third trimester really drags even if, like me, you’re busy running around after a toddler!

My toddler is getting faster while I get slower...please don't let go of my hand buddy!

My toddler is getting faster while I get slower...please don't let go of my hand buddy!

·      Everything gets worse - the worry, the insomnia, the waddle, the obsessive cleaning and nesting. You’ve rearranged the nursery at least ten times, packed and repacked your hospital bag (but still worrying about what you’ve forgotten) and done a complete inventory of the cupboards. Sleep is elusive but oh so needed…

·      Giving birth terrifies you in very different ways each day. How much ‘One Born Every Minute’ should you watch?

What’s reassuring is that every pregnant woman is probably going through the same things. Pregnant baby brains and pains can be hard to take but, at the end of the day, we know how worth it the whole experience is. We’re getting the privilege of being a little person’s mum - a great responsibility, a great honour and a very special thing that is to be cherished.

Hang in there, preggies, we’ve got this.