By Beauty Contributor Yadira (@cleanbeautytalk)

Hiya ladies, my name is Yads. I’m a freelance journalist and IIN health coach, and have been writing and working with women and beauty for a gazillion years. I’m also currently pregnant and so super excited be contributing to MeOhMyMum!

This will be my first baby (and let me tell you now…I’m gonna need all the help I can get.) Anyway, the post below was originally published on my own health and beauty site It’s all about the pregnancy beauty items that have been saving my soul (and making me feel less gross) during my second trimester. The products and brands are all natural and super safe for mamas to be. I’d also love to know what your go-to pregnancy beauty items have been? What products do you love? Mum recommendations are my fave! K, I’ll stop chatting now. Hope you enjoy x


I feel good from my head to ma toes. At least, that’s what I am telling myself on mornings I wake up feeling like a troll… who’s been living under a bridge eating doughnuts all night long!


That's why I’ve decided to put together a bit of a pregnancy beauty shopping list – that (excitedly!) can also double a shopping list for non-pregnant ladies, who might want to try fun, natural beauty products too.

Therefore you do not need to be pregnant to try these. In fact, if you have sensitive skin they will work wonders for you as well. If you have normal skin, or dry skin, you can also come and play.

Actually, that’s the beauty of the natural beauty world - the products do not discriminate. In fact, everyone can frolick in their goodness!

But if you’re pregnant, I highly recommend you frolick in the goodness of the products below the most-est. I have been and they’ve been making that gross, troll like ‘too many doughnut eating’ feeling disappear.

Don’t forget to click on each item to shop xx

Hair: Mr Smith - $30.00

Vegan, sexy packaging and not a sh!tty ingredient product to be seen. You can even get this shampoo and conditioner in your eyes and it won’t be a prob (although I don’t recommend that).

Face: Sodashi Calming Face Mask - $105.60

Is your skin breaking out instead of getting that elusive ‘pregnancy glow’, or do you love to face mask way too much (like me)? You addict! You need this calming face mask in your life. It will tame your wild skin.

Lips: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - $9.95

These lip shimmers look au natural, moisturise and more importantly give you a natural, plumping feeling that can make you feel like Angelina Jolie (totally opposite of that troll like feeling!). My current fave is Peony.

Body (Shower): Lush Dreamwash Shower Smoothie $22.95 + Therapy Massage Bar $14.95

The shower cream is amazing if you’ve had a really F’d up day and need to relax. The lavender will help you do that. Also, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and doubles as a moisturiser. The massage bar is also quite calming and will help you forget all your problems. It’s apparently good for baby massage too.

Ps. I highly recommend forcing your partner to massage you if you’re pregnant. It's not really working for me, but it might work for you!

Body: Sodashi Vanilla Body Butter - 130.90

This is the only beauty product I want seeping through my belly and onto my baby. It's real love from the outside in. I'll be using this on my mini-me too... when it finally lands on earth.

Hands: Lanolips Rose Balm Hand Cream - $15.95

Non-greasy and easy to apply. Whoever thought Lanolin could work such miracles? It will leave your paws feeling silky and kind of like they're covered in a protective barrier.

Feet: Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk $29.90 + Epsom Salts

I don’t have a bath so when I’m craving one I’ll soak my tootsies in this Weleda Lavender Bath Milk instead. It’s not the same I know, but if I close my eyes and pretend it’s pretty close! I’ll usually throw in a little Epsom Salts for an added magnesium boost as well.