By Fashion Contributor Caitlin Marwaha (@themummystylefiles)

Pop into any mainstream store or browse your favourite portals online and it’s clear as day that this year’s big trend for Spring/Summer is a 70s revival.

As a baby of the late 80s, the 70s have never really been on my fashion radar. Fashion throwbacks in my closet only extend as far as the 90s and often it’s in an ironic or nostalgic way. Anything beyond the late 80s has mostly fallen into ‘costume’ territory for me and, for that reason, when I first began to see flared jeans and lace up tops filtering into stores I was a bit sceptical.

The trick to getting this trend right is to reference the era in only one or two pieces of your outfit and then keep the rest of your look modern and cool. You want to keep it subtle, sophisticated and contemporary.

So what does 70s fashion look like in 2015? Think Suede, Denim, Fringe, Floral and, my favourite, loose and flowy silhouettes.

Below are my top tips and tricks for getting this look right as well as links to some pieces currently in stores or online.  Can you dig it? (Google told me that was cool to say in the 70s…)


Unless you are going to a dress up party, wear fringed items sparingly. Accessories are a great way to incorporate this trend into your look. Think bags, shoes, vests etc.

a.     Seed Heritage $79.95

b.     Witchery $179.97

c.      ASOS $48



Suede is one of the most visually obvious nods to the 70s. Suede skirts seem to be designers’ go-to this season but there is everything from high waisted shorts, vests, jackets, shoes and hats available.

My tip is to have one item as the hero piece of your outfit and keep the rest neutral. Note: lots of the suede items are on the pricey side as most are 100% suede so, if you are going to invest, pick a classic cut and make sure you put a treatment on it so it will last you forever.

d.     Witchery $229.95

e.     French Connection $129.95

f.      Seed Heritage $149.95

g.     Country Road $299

Flared jeans.

If you are brave enough to take these on, keep the top half of your outfit sleek, fitted and basic. Think a white t-shirt and modern minimalist jewellery. Flared jeans are actually quite flattering on lots of body shapes so I’d encourage you to at least give them a go. Avoid paring them with dated platform shoes and a heavily fringed vest as this is where you will enter the costume zone.  

h.     Missguided  $63

i.       Seed Heritage $129.95

j.       J Brand $360.80


Florals and Prints

Feminine prints like floral or paisley are probably the one thing you can do head to toe. Think floaty dresses and jumpsuits, or midi skirts and matching tops. This is one you can have fun with!



k.     Zimmerman $495

l.       Tigerlilly $269.95

m.   Sportsgirl $119.95