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I don’t claim to be a qualified “event stylist” but far out I love a PARTAY.  One with pretty parcels, peonies, pink shimmery garlands, pom poms, popping candy, pastries and piccolos…yeah ok, I’m talking Veuve piccolos of champas in dusty pink wrappers.  I also use too much alliteration and the letter ‘p’ if you haven’t already noticed ;)

Planning my daughter Isla’s 2nd Birthday in collaboration with Piccolo Studio was perfect.  Prepare yourself for pastels, pink, peach and pretty piggies to boot. Oink...



I found my maternity leave quite surreal.  I’m glad I was there to witness some beautiful moments and appreciated it, I just found it bloody hard focussing all of my time and energy on my boobs and a small human who couldn’t communicate in words after going so many years studying, daydreaming, partying, reading, working and well um…..communicating. 

This is when I discovered Instagram and blogs.  I was hooked, slightly obsessed and I stalked #kidspartyinspo and #pinkandgoldparty.  It was like seeing these amazing sparkly events and nursery or styling ideas gave me a bit of MY sparkle back.  There are so many amazingly talented ladies on Insta and Brooke’s Piccolo Studio account had me at PINK PINIATAS.  Yep there’s the ‘P’ again’.

Brooke at Piccolo Studio

Brooke at Piccolo Studio

I’m sure you all know the song "Favourite Things” out of The Sound of Music.  That describes how I feel scrolling the Piccolo Studio pages. You’re all humming it now, right? Skipping through a field of green grass? It’s okay, just take a moment to appreciate the von Trapp children’s loveliness.

Brooke at Piccolo Studio said her inspiration comes from everyday things and from the time she spends with her two children Morgan and Willow.

“Sometimes it is just a cheeky saying or colours I see when I am out and about that triggers me to think I could incorporate that into my work somehow.  I bounce ideas off family and friends sometimes too, that is a great way to gauge the way products will be received.  I also love reading magazines, particularly home magazines. It is always nice to see what is on trend and working my products in to compliment what is in season.”

The Peppa Pig goodness :)

The Peppa Pig goodness :)

Brooke is based in Sydney and I'm in Hobart. While we’ve never met in person, all correspondence with her has been delightful, whether I'm organising a Hen’s Luncheon, Bridal Shower, Christmas wrapping or just bits and pieces for the home. She is helpful, understanding and takes pride in her work, even down to the presentation of her beautifully wrapped parcels.

Brooke said she likes a “challenge” and putting her own twist on her pieces. I had complete event control of Isla’s 1st Birthday theme…she wasn’t even walking, let alone appreciating a party. To be honest, we basically just celebrated making it through 12 months of parenthood! Not so with the second party. No offence to Babe and Peppa, but pigs are not pretty and I hate being too commercial when theming. Helllllp Brooke!

Brooke first delivered Isla and I some amazing invitations using a gold star wand to start the Princess Peppa Pig theme.  She then worked with me to ensure we had some party props to mix the “Peppaness” together. The gold crowns were a hit, the number '2' toppers were perfect on the cupcakes, the Birthday framed print on the table added a special touch and still sits in her bedroom, and the scatter stars were used on the table and on mini water bottles for the guests.  Brooke also made Isla a Birthday garland for her 1st and 2nd Birthday and I just love how it frames a table. Something else I adored were the calico bags and twine that Brooke stamped with gold stars and thank you tags for Isla’s guests.

The table spread

The table spread

It’s worth noting that all us mums shouldn’t feel pressure to throw a party…they aren’t for everyone.  I throw themed parties because I enjoy it.  I don’t bake often because I don’t enjoy it. Simple. We also always have a “just us” Birthday dinner and candle blowing evening.  It is important not to get caught up in the planning and forget to just have a group hug and giggle.

Celebrating with just us

Celebrating with just us

Brooke’s tips for party planning:

1)     Be organised!  Don't leave stuff to the last minute and make lists, I LOVE lists!

2)     Have a budget in mind and try and stick to it.

3)      If your party starts early in the day, set up the night before if you can.

4)     If you can't go too crazy on decorations at least get some confetti, it is a cheap way to add colour and fun to a party table or area and makes for some great photos if the kids are throwing it around and laying in it.

5)      Have a finish time if it is a kids party, particularly if the birthday boy or girl is only little. They will find it overwhelming and will need some time out away from party guests after a few hours.

My tips:

1) Research and check out the cheap shops or raid your cupboards for little pieces to pull your theme or look together.  Also consider baking a cake. I hate baking but decorating was fun as was spending time with the family members who COULD bake!

2) Don’t feel bad if you don’t cater for all food allergies or food decisions, but it’s great if you can mix the sugar with some sugar free healthy options.  Quote from my Mumma “It’s not a party without fairy bread and Cheezels Eve”.  Perhaps she’s right, just don’t mess up my perfect table with ugly bowl of those.  Orange is not 'on theme'.

3) Make sure there is one other adult that you can trust to always be ‘looking out’ for the Birthday boy or girl.  They tend to go wild.

4) If you don’t like mess or you don’t want your child’s room being pulled apart, look into hiring a spot. Some places have strict rules though.  We went with a heritage kindergarten and sticking anything on the walls was out of bounds.

5) Take photos for the 21st (but not so many that you forget to BE in the moment), eat some delicious cake and try to stress less.  CELEBRATE. Oh and don’t forget the matches or a lighter….you can’t improvise candles burning.  OOPS.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Eve received products for this review. MeOhMy NEVER endorses anything we do not 100% recommend and believe in.