Last Christmas was our first with two babes. Aoife's first Christmas, at 9 weeks old.

So, with a 2 month old and 19 month old, life was crazy. Actually, scrap that - it was MENTAL. To say I was a little underprepared for Christmas is an understatement.

I clearly remember rushing to the shops in the days before Christmas, desperately trying to find a few personalised decorations to make it special for us (with a toddler and newborn in tow, what a STRESS).

And I came up with nothing - just the usual chain store stuff which, while it's pretty and it will do, made me feel a little like a failure ("but it's her first Christmas and our first Christmas as a foursome!" I was saying in my head).

Now, I know our babes don't know the difference. They don't care about having 'special' decorations and pretty stuff. And Christmas is not about 'stuff' at all.

As I've blogged about in previous years, I firmly believe that Christmas is about spending quality time with loved ones (I'm not religious at all). It's not about presents. Time is the most precious thing we have.

But it is nice to have some extra special touches here and there, if you can manage it - you know?

This year, given that I'm not postpartum and just getting the hang of 2 under 2 (been there, done that haha), I'm getting my sh*t together a little earlier and I'm pretty glad I've found Stuck on You.

These guys have a gorgeous range of all things personalised - from labels to bags, stationery and gifts.

I particularly love these knitted stockings, which remind me of a stocking I had when I was little, and their range of signs and posters.

My babes will wear these threads on Christmas Eve to bed, and now that Harry is older (2.5) and actually understanding the concept of Christmas for the first time I'm really looking forward to counting down the days with him on our Stuck on You countdown poster.

They also have a great range of stick on labels - great if, like me, you have no time to do any sort of fancy wrapping (paper, sticky tape and labels only for me! I'm a horrible wrapper haha).

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a personalised Christmas Story and Activity book as well, given our littles love reading so much.

Like I said, Christmas isn't about 'stuff' but if you're wanting those little extra touches you know where to go!

Phew, now I'm sorted (well, ish....there's just the small matter of some presents to buy, ugh) can I go back to living in denial that Christmas is actually here already?!



NOTE: This is a sponsored post for Stuck on You. However, MeOhMy never endorses anything we do not 100% believe in and use ourselves.