Super Yoga mamas Andy and Kate are back with the third instalment in their Mini Bursts of Yoga series! Yay :) You can find Part 1 and Part 2 also on the blog.

By Wellness Contributors Andy (@yoga_bebe) and Kate (@aussieyogamama)

The third part to our mini yoga series concentrates on strengthening the legs and firing up the core, whilst moving in connection with the breath.

The warrior poses are some of the most iconic postures in yoga, where students are asked to embody the spirit of a warrior. What better symbol is there for a mother right?! Whether pregnant or a new mum, we’ve now taken on the role of provider and protector and you can’t help but feel this as you explore the Warrior Sequence - throw in a war cry if it helps!

Warrior Sequence

The Warrior poses are vigorous yoga postures that require strength and stability and wields an energetic feeling of invigoration. With its many variations, and added benefits, the common feature of the Warrior series is the full body muscle activation.

The lunge variations, as used in the below video sequence, challenge your concentration and increase body awareness, while improving circulation and energising the entire body. If you’ve got one of those days ahead of you, start with a few rounds of this Warrior sequence and you’ll be firing on all cylinders!

The ‘How to’

Take your feet to a comfortable distance apart so you feel stable and make sure you knees are in line with your ankles. Starting in the traditional Warrior II, with your front knee bent drawing it gently out towards the little toe side of the foot, gently press into the outside edge of your back foot. Engage your legs, lengthen your lower back and gently draw in your lower belly. Arms are extended, shoulders drawing gently down away from your ears and your gaze over the front fingers tips.

Maintain this lunge position, being conscious of not allowing the front knee to drop into the midline.

Inhale to release your back hand to the thigh, or if you’re pregnant use it to wrap your arm under the belly. Turn the front palm up towards the sky and exhale to reach up and back, coming into Reverse Warrior.

Inhale to return back to your beginning position, Warrior II.

Take a moment to extend the arms forward, then place your front forearm on the knee or if you’re pregnant, wrap the arm under the belly again. As you exhale, extend your back arm towards the sky or over the head, to Extended Warrior. Inhale to return back to Warrior II.

Repeat the sequence as many times as you like. Make sure you move smoothly, with control and in time with your breath.

Remember, in the video below follow Kate on the left for your postnatal version and for prenatal, Andy on the right.


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