By MeOhMy Founder Siobhan (@meohmymum)

I’ve given birth twice in the last 24 months. Yeah, we have two children aged two and’s full on!

So having been through the whole post partum phase a couple of times, I like to think I have a good idea of the things that are a huge help in getting you through those magical and wondrous, yet quite tough, first few weeks.

Here’s a look at my top post partum supports that are must-haves for those early days:

Home cooked meals

Having pre-cooked meals in the freezer is a LIFESAVER. When you’re sleep deprived and dealing with a newborn, the last thing you want to do is cook as well. Pre cooking and freezing while you’re pregnant is a great idea. Ensure you include a good balance of protein, vegies and good carbs in your meals to give you that much-needed post birth energy. And if a family member or friend can cook up a few things and drop them in to you over the first few weeks, that’s even better! Call in those favours and don’t feel bad about it – this is the time you really need them.

Visitors that work around you and don’t stay long!

There is nothing worse than visitors that want to come over when it suits them. For a newborn, the window between those looooooong feeds and then naps (not to mention you needing time to actually shower or shove down some food) is very small – so, observe this, people, and rock up exactly when we tell you. And don’t outstay your welcome! PS please bring food. Or movies. Or wine. Actually, all of the above!

The support of your partner/husband

The first few weeks after having a new baby are wonderful. You’re in post birth bliss for a while. Then the mood swings, tears, pain, feeding difficulties and slow recovery can take their toll. You need your partner there as your right hand man (or woman). They get to soak up the newborn goodness with you, and take over so you can have a shower, take a nap or even just go for a much-needed walk in the fresh air by yourself!

A damn good maternity bra

After giving birth, a good maternity bra can be the difference between perky, supported and easily accessible boobs, or bouncy painful ones. And with you most likely wearing one 24/7, it helps if it’s pretty!

Luckily Triumph have these amazing Mamabel Smooth bras. They make feeding really easy with drop down cups and shoulder snaps. What I like best is that they have convertible straps which means they’re a lot more versatile than other brands on the market. They provide great support even though they’re soft cup and are also very wide around the back, which is great for comfort when your breasts are engorged in those first few weeks and if you’re a larger busted person like me!

Still wearing my Triumph Mamabel bras

Still wearing my Triumph Mamabel bras

They’re so comfy that even though I’m not breastfeeding anymore I’m still wearing them around the house. Plus they’re well priced at $59.95 for the set.

Get the house in order

Many might say it doesn’t matter what your house looks like when you’re post partum, and I totally get that. When you’re sleep deprived and basking in that sweet sweet newborn smell, the last thing you care about is how the house looks. BUT, I have to say that having nice surroundings and a semi-clean house really helped me feel ‘together’ post partum.

From candles to coffee, the right maternity bra, water and flowers...these are the things that helped me post partum

From candles to coffee, the right maternity bra, water and flowers...these are the things that helped me post partum

We had flowers around – because a bit of pretty is appreciated when you’re housebound and feeling UGH. I also loved lighting candles at night when the baby was in bed, to help me unwind and also to mask the very unique smell of that newborn poo! And it goes without saying that it’s awesome having loads of water, tea/coffee and plenty of snacks on hand to keep you going in that crazy newborn haze!

I hope that helps, and best of luck with your new bub!


NOTE: This is a sponsored post for Triumph. However, MeOhMy NEVER endorses anything we do not 100% believe in and actually use ourselves :)